why adding a branded signature is like adding a beer to your margarita

Beer Margaritas and Branding

Ooooh, did she say “margarita?!”

Wait, come on! I know it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, but let’s get back to the post…

Don’t you love a good margarita? You’re probably thinking, why add beer to a perfectly good cocktail? Well, the same reason you add a branded signature to your content, your emails, and your conversations with clients - you want to put a twist on the traditional and add your own flavor.

A standard margarita has orange liquor and is tasty in it’s own right, but adding a beer gives it a new, unique flavor depending on the type of beer you use. Your branded signature can do the same; rather than closing out conversations with a traditional “Sincerely” or “Have a good day.” or [insert some other generic closing], you can leave a lasting impression on folks simply by leaving them with some consistent last words in every interaction.

In the branding industry, we correlate this with brand voice - the emotion and personality of your brand coming through in your communication. I really love how Rosemary Watson of Rosemary Watson Productions always closes out her email communication with “Love and Lattes.” It represents her love of coffee and her brand’s friendly, “sit and chat over a latte” approach.

What simple closing can you use to help personify your company’s brand or amplify your personal brand? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s consistent and authentically represents your brand persona.



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