why taking long showers (and other monotonous tasks) are great for your business


why do great ideas come to us in the shower?

I unintentionally take long showers, even on non-hair-washing days. I mean, I care about the environment and being wasteful with resources, but sometimes I can’t turn the faucet off for fear of washing a great idea down the drain! Have you ever noticed how brilliant ideas come to you in the shower?

Most of the times our brains are operating in an active mode. Be it work or play or business-building mode, when we’re involved in a task that requires “brain power,” we begin limiting other systems in our minds. But, when we allow our minds the freedom to wonder without the distractions of input (hard to do in an information world) we give ourselves the ability to process and digest information that’s already been brewing. Zulie Rane wrote a great article about how your brain works when it comes to creative thinking:

“When you’re occupied in other ways, your brain is in overdrive, creating new paths between unconnected areas of your brain and sparking creative thoughts.”

but isn’t an idle mind the devil’s playground?

I’d been told that all my life. Even my son told me to “just sit down, mom - why are you always doing stuff?” Because the stuff I’m doing is important! Right?

If you’re like me, you tend to put monotonous tasks on the back-burner since they tend to take away from our - quote un-quote, productivity. “Here’s a novel concept: Doing nothing is as productive — maybe even more productive — as doing something.” Our brains are actually constructed with a two-part attention system that operates like a teeter-totter, when one is up, the other is down. We all know that a seesaw works best when it’s in balance; when both sides are allowed equal play, one isn’t left with their butt in the mud - so to speak.

allow your daydreaming mode to take flight

I hope people reading this know that I’m not literally telling folks to take extra long showers. What am I suggesting starts with a question:

What if we stopped feeling guilty about not being busy?


What if we allowed time for daydreaming? “Daydreaming mode, marked by the flow of connections among disparate ideas and thoughts, is responsible for our moments of greatest creativity and insight, when we’re able to solve problems that previously seemed unsolvable. “ Allowing our minds time to wonder gives us the ability build connections between floating ideas and see relationships and intricacies that we weren’t aware of before our brains took a walk.

Having a more productive business in 2019 starts with giving monotony a place in your day.

So, whether that happens during your morning routine, your afternoon walk, or in the shower, allowing time for your mind to wonder may be just what your business needs this year. Having a more productive business in 2019 starts with giving monotony a place in your day.