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Brianne Grogan started FemFusion Fitness in 2009 as a way to make her core fitness classes she taught to her physical therapy clients more fun! Although not a military spouse, Bri has experienced similar lifestyle struggles as she followed her husband overseas for his teaching career. When Bri moved to Germany, her business took a shift and she molded her services to adapt to her new surroundings and audience. She quickly blossomed to a diverse set off offerings including YouTube video tutorials, essential oil sales, occasional online events, and even a published book!

After reaching 10 years in business, Bri came to Lady Moxie Design looking for a way to streamline, simplify, and find balance, while still bringing value to her audience. As most entrepreneurs know, the key to growth and scale is being able to stop trading time for dollars, while still providing maximum impact for clients. Bri wanted this for her online community!

This small business rebrand came at crucial time for Bri and we hit the ground running. Through this process, we wanted to get back to the heart, the core of FemFusion Fitness, and shed light on the passion that spurred this journey in the first place. From there, we began focusing on cohesion and removal of things that either didn’t belong or no longer aligned with the mission and vision of FemFusion Fitness. In the end, we pulled it all together to create brand imagery and a new website that was simple, approachable, vibrant, and inclusive of all women.

FemFusion Fitness Mood Board.png


FemFusion Fitness is a Sincere brand that is honest, sincere, and cheerful

The pillar words that frame the brand:

Simple • Approachable • Vibrant • Optimistic • Inclusive


In the brand discovery phase, we also began to uncover a color scheme that would expand upon the bright green and teal color that was in the FemFusion original branding. With a focus on “Fem” or femininity, as well as the diversity and inclusion of ALL women, we uncovered a palette that was a little more robust and fun, but still grounded through the use of black and white for contrast.



We believe that strong, healthy women are the backbone of a thriving society. We empower women all over the world, in all of their uniqueness and diversity, to experience vibrant health and to be the master of their own health destiny. Our fusion of simple + approachable information about pelvic health and lifestyle medicine is for optimistic, motivated women who are ready to rise up to their next level of wellness. Above all, we believe in making this information fun and accessible. At FemFusion Fitness, we’re taking pelvic health out of the clinic and into every household.


At FemFusion Fitness, we empower women to feel better naturally through simple + approachable information about pelvic health and lifestyle medicine.

We are a global community of optimistic women ready to rise up to the next level of wellness; to feel better, lighter, more confident, more youthful -  TO SHINE VIBRANTLY! 


Our fusion of women’s health resources and global support-community, empower you toward natural healing and holistic lifestyle adaptations so you can experience vibrant health for LIFE and impact generations to come.

LOGO (brandmark)

*Logo designed by another designer.

*Logo designed by another designer.


Although Brianne was looking to refresh her brand, she didn’t think that altering the logo was necessary to reflect the changes she was implementing. A rebrand is influenced by the compelling message you’re trying to convey to your target audience. Bri’s new & updated brand message is still reflected in the original, FemFusion Fitness logo.


FemFusion Fitness Logo Variation
FemFusion Fitness Logo Variation
FemFusion Fitness Logo Variation
FemFusion Fitness Logo Variation
FemFusion Fitness Logo Variation

SUBMARK (logo alternate)


A submark is meant to be used as a logo alternate that can either accompany the main brandmark in a design layout, or supplement it based upon size and aspect ratio requirements. And,while it’s never meant to completely replace the main brandmark, it’s useful to have for visual variance while still maintaining brand consistency across a variety of mediums.

FemFusion Fitness Logo Submark
FemFusion Fitness Logo Submark


One of our favorite parts of the process is coming up with additional brand graphics that support and help elevate the brand identity. Brianne utilizes a variety of mediums to reach her audience, including a strong presence on Instagram and her growing Youtube channel. Brand graphics a fun way to add personality to your brand and highlight some of brand pillars and/or services. The graphics we chose for FemFusion Fitness are simple and approachable. They play off feminine aspects, while including vibrancy and movement into the images.

Asset 31.png
Asset 33.png
Asset 34.png
Asset 35.png
Asset 42.png
Asset 41.png
Asset 43.png
Asset 44.png
Asset 45.png


The next few photos are examples of how the FemFusion elements might look on different mediums. This helps to get a true sense of your brand will feel in some real-life examples.

FemFusion Mockup
FemFusion Website Mockup