Free State Marketing-Brand Presentation


Erin came to Lady Moxie Design much the same way in which she started her marketing business, out of necessity. Once, Kaberline Communications, Erin was in the process of turning over a new leaf and was looking to lean on us for collaboration and accountability as she opened the doors to the now, Free State Marketing, LLC.

Over the years, Erin’s business has morphed into a virtual marketing agency that provides high-quality, personalized marketing services by their talented team for clients at reasonable prices. They have zeroed in on the construction and heavy equipment industry because they lack a large social media presence, and Erin saw a gap she could fill. She enjoys working with this industry because their needs are straight-forward, their messaging is simple and concise, and the current economy is favorable toward them.

Even though her business it outside our typical target market, we were excited to work with Erin on a rebrand for her marketing agency because it meant collaborating with a fellow military spouse (one a spouse, always a spouse) and we knew the level of professionalism that Erin and her team would bring to the table.



Free State Marketing is a Competent brand that is reliable, intelligent, and successful.

The pillar words that frame the brand:

Gritty • Straight-Forward • Hard Work • Integrity • Team Work


During the Brand Discovery phase, we complied a color palette that not only speaks to the industry that Free State Marketing is targeting, but also mixes in a touch of brightness and femininity that’s resonant of this all-woman team. Black and golden-yellow comprise the two main brand colors, representing both the construction and heavy equipment industry, but also their straight-forward approach (black) rooted in their midwestern values (yellow - fields of Kansas). The brown tones carry the idea of the midwest a step further, with grit, hard work, and agriculture being a backbone to this area of the country. Together, the palette has a vintage feel, representative of the “good ol’ days” when business was conducted with a trusting hand-shake.



Marketing is education.

Marketing is not salesmanship. Marketing and advertising is simply an extension of the business climate and culture that is currently established - it can not establish a climate or culture. We seek to clearly understand how people receive and process information and then creatively match their behaviors with the messaging they need and want.

Clear communication.

We fully embrace the concept of developing close relationships with our clients at the earliest stage of the project life cycle. With an emphasis on communication, attention to detail and cost management, we believe in creating a plan with clear, measurable, and realistic goals. We don’t dangle shiny objects.

Intrinsic Curiosity

We make it our business to keep up to date with the latest trends, developments and changes in our clients’ world. Having industry evolution not only optimizes our performance, but allows our team think more creatively and remain honest in our efforts. We understand the importance of innovation to develop optimum marketing solutions.


We believe that hard work, honesty, and integrity build long-term trust. This is grunt work. We roll up our sleeves, get in the trenches and get dirt under our nails because our clients deserve reliability, respect, and dedication. We take pride in customer satisfaction and a job well done.

Giving back

We believe in giving back to community; the community of small business owners with whom we freely share our knowledge; the community of those in our industry so they can better understand the importance of integrity in advertising; and the community of individuals looking to lean on our expertise to help prepare them for success in this line of business.

Friendly, straight-forward marketing plans that are built with grit and keep our clients ahead of the curve.

Free State Marketing


We take the marketing load off your shoulders.

We help you stay focused, set a budget, and regularly monitor your online efforts through comprehensive and cost-effective marketing solutions. Because we know that the digital world can be daunting, we help show you how marketing can be your face-to-face communication, even when you can’t be in the room. We help you understand how to extend your traditional advertising and marketing into the digital space and grab your customers’ attention in a different way.

We build hard working, straight forward marketing plans that take the guesswork out of customer connection and sales-team communication so you can pave the way for long-term growth and viability.

LOGO (wordmark)

Logo Free State Marketing Kansas

The Free State Marketing logo is a fun mix of a vintage and modern elements. Since the name is really representative of the brand, we thought that a wordmark was most appropriate in this case - it speaks to the friendly, straight-forward approach of the brand. The two wheat graphics that are used, give the wordmark balance and hint at both the state in which the business resides (Kansas) and an area of their target market (farming equipment). The typeface is a vintage, serif-font that feels old-fashioned with a modern flare; Free State Marketing’s talent is showing their traditionally rooted clients how to they can have a successful presence in the digital marketing world. A lined shadow was placed behind the main brand words to enhance the depth of the text and also to play off the lines of a freshly-plowed field or a freshly painted/paved highway.


Free State Marketing Logo
Free State Marketing Logo_white

Alternate Logo(s)

Two logo alternates were created based upon the desired scale and aspect ratios. A simplified version of the main wordmark was created which eliminate the lined shadows behind the text and allow for display at a smaller scale and different color variations.

Free State Marketing Simplified Logo
Free State Marketing Simplified Logo
Free State Marketing Simplified Logo

The additional alternate logo was created for a horizontal aspect display.

Free State Marketing Logo Alternate
Free State Marketing Simplified Logo Alternate
Free State Marketing Logo Alternate



The submark can either accompany the main brandmark in a design layout, or supplement it based upon size and aspect ratio requirements. It’s never meant to completely replace the main brandmark.

Free State Marketing Submark_black.jpg
Free State Marketing Submark
Free State Marketing Submark
Free State Marketing Submark


The next few photos are examples of how the Free State Marketing elements might look on different mediums. This helps to get a true sense of your brand will feel in some real-life examples.

Free State Electronics.jpg
Free State Stationary.jpg
Free State Brick Wall.jpg

24-Hour Review

Please take the next 24 hours to review this brand presentation. Thoughtfully consider your target audience - how will they view your brand? Does this speak to them? If you would like to see any edits or revisions to the elements presented here, please let us know within the next 24 hours.