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Holly came to Lady Moxie Design in need of brand development and website design services for her serviced-based business on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Holly owns Life Cycle Balance, LLC where she utilizes her Certified Integrative Nurse Coaching skills to help guide people on their overall health journey. We were excited to work with Holly in this up and coming field of healthcare which takes a holistic approach to healing and wellness. Holly helps clients through trauma recovery, mind/body awareness practice, breathing and meditation work in individualized coaching sessions; something they may not get from traditional medicine, but an approach that more and more people are recognizing is needed in one’s overall health. Holly, having her own life story that plays into her journey of wellness, is on a path to helping clients attain their optimal health potential and ultimately empower them to live a beautiful life.

Life Cycle Moodboard.png


Life Cycle Balance is a Sincere brand that is real, honest, and open, with a slight Excitement undertone.

The pillar words that frame the brand:

Alignment • Heard • Breathe • Empower • Possibility


In the brand discovery phase, we also began to uncover the color scheme that was visually representative of Life Cycle Balance: earth tones in green blue, grey, tan, and red. Earth tones evoke a sense of strength and reliability and are associated with resilience, dependability, and security. Together, the palette feels calm, yet energizing - the feeling you get when you go out in nature. You're grounded, but able to see into the horizon of possibility. The red/reddish-brown tone is the accent color that represent the excitement of the brand (hope & possibility) and the "affirmative" side of Holly’s calm, yet firmly guided coaching style.

Life Cycle Color Palette Earth Tones


Life Cycle Balance believes in your journey to a beautiful life. We ride alongside you, hear you, and empower you through an unadulterated and open expression of your purest feelings and needs in self-advocacy. It is through this process you can begin to heal and open up to your optimal health and wellness possibilities.


Through an engaging, highly personalized and holistic wellness approach, we empower you to grab the handles of life so you can live to your optimal potential. We take you on a self-paced journey using an individualized plan that encompasses all aspects of your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. We utilize the latest research and integrative coaching practices rooted in relationship-centered care where we build upon your current strengths and create new possibilities for growth. You become empowered to make healthier choices, improve your self-care, and ride the path to happiness.

Our holistic, integrative nurse coaching services lift you from the rut of your current circumstances and  connect your mind, body and health so you can ride the path to happiness and live a beautiful life.

LOGO (brandmark)

logo Life Cycle Balance Mississippi Gulf Coast

The Life Cycle Balance brandmark is a harmonious union of the foundational elements coming to life in a visual representation of the brand.

  • The spokes are representative of client’s lives before, during, and after their experience with Life Cycle Balance. The loosest and detached spokes represent the chaos and disarray of current life circumstances when clients first walk through the door of Life Cycle Balance. As they begin working alongside Holly, they slowly come into balance; the spokes begin to fall into place and and create stability and harmony.

  • The hub is the central piece of the process, with the spokes crossing together as they come into the center. This represents the collaboration and teamwork that must take place as clients work hand-in-hand with Holly to bring their spokes back into alignment.

  • Even after the spokes fall into place, the wheel evokes a sense of motion since Life Cycle Balance clients go through a process of healing and a set out on a continued journey of health and wellness.

  • The outer part of the wheel has been created using tree branches to convey a connection to nature. When clients embrace the natural elements of healing, they become whole again.

  • The typography in the brand is a balance of script and sans serif fonts. The script font connects back to the elements of nature, the fluidity of the process of healing, and the power of human touch and connection. The sans serif font brings weight and strength, but is also has open strokes reflecting the openness clients must have to the process of healing.


Life Cycle Balance Logo Mississippi
Life Cycle Balance Logo Mississippi
Life Cycle Balance Logo Mississippi
Life Cycle Balance Logo Mississippi
Life Cycle Balance Logo Mississippi

SUBMARK (logo alternate)


The submark is meant to be used as a logo alternate that can either accompany the main brandmark in a design layout, or supplement it based upon size and aspect ratio requirements. It’s never meant to completely replace the main brandmark.

LCB Submark_White on black.jpgLife Cycle Balance Submark Gulf Coast Mississippi
Life Cycle Balance Submark Gulf Coast Mississippi


The next few photos are examples of how the Life Cycle Balance elements might look on different mediums. This helps to get a true sense of your brand will feel in some real-life examples.

Life Cycle Balance Computer Mockup
Life Cycle Balance_Stationary.jpg
Life Cycle Balance_Sign.jpg
Life Cycle Balance_Stationary_2.jpg