can I just get you to design a website?

If you’re coming to us just looking for a website design, some important questions to ask would be:

  • Do I have a business plan?

  • Do I have brand identity and brand guidelines? (logo, typography, color palette, icons, etc. and a supporting document on how to use those elements)

  • Do I have a mission/vision statement, brand manifesto, value proposition or any other foundational pieces in place beyond the services I know I’d like to offer?

A large portion of our services revolve around brand development. We truly believe that the strategy behind the design is just as, if not more than, important than the design itself. We believe in helping clients become successful from the ground up by learning about their passion(s), discovering their "why," and then taking their vision and turning it into a tangible, living, and sustainable brand. 

If you've already established these foundational pieces for your business, we are happy to explore a website design that aligns with your current brand. If you're still in the beginning phases of business development, and are open to discovering more about our process, we would love to have a more in-depth conversation about how we could collaborate together to bring your vision to life! Contact us.

Erin Murray