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This past year, I had the honor of working for a nonprofit with a mission that was near and dear to my heart, serving Wyoming's youngest residents and their families. After having to leave to follow my husband to the other side of the world, I was graciously hired on to do the social media management for Help Me Grow Wyoming and remain connected to this mission through their social media presence.

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Help Me Grow Wyoming is a free, easy-to-use system where families can get connected to information and resources for their children ages birth to eight. You simply dial 2-1-1 anywhere with the state of Wyoming, and ask for Help Me Grow. A care coordinator will listen to your questions and concerns about your child' emotional, behavioral, and developmental wellbeing. From there you'll be connected to resources right in your local community.

As with any good social media marketing plan, we were aiming to build on Help Me Grow's know, like, and trust factor within the audience that needed them most - families of young children within the state of Wyoming. Having a effective strategy is important for any type of business or organization, especially a nonprofit one. We had to give them the greatest return on investment (or ROI) with every dollar invested in this campaign.

The overall strategy for our Help Me Grow campaign is to use social media to promote healthy child development and promote community-based programs and service providers that offer resources to kids and families. We want families to know and understand what health development looks like so they'll act early when they have questions or concerns. All they have to do is call 2-1-1!

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Are you a nonprofit or small business owner looking to build on your know, like, trust factor? Maybe you don't have the time to devote to curating content and creating custom posts for your business? We'd love to discuss your needs as you set out on a social media marketing adventure. 

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